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Moniatis Creekside and pineclad plot

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Bedrooms: 0

Bathrooms: 0

Covered Area: 0 m2

Plot Area: 954 m2


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    Moniatis Creekside and pineclad plot PROPERTY DESCRIPTION

    This plot of land, surrounded with pine trees and with a fair number of mature trees within it, faces a lovely creek without any intervening road or path, giving it a unique connection with nature and suggesting peaceful get-away moments. The plot relief slopes towards the creek, in places evenly and in other place less so, with opportunities for creative architecture that will integrate nature and house. Two individual houses can also be acommodated easily on this plot. 

    Planning coefficients:

    Plot Floor to Area Ratio (Συντελεστης Δομησης) 35%

    Coverage (Συντελεστης Καλυψης) 20%

    To reach the plot:

    The access to the plot is along the 2 km long Saittas to Moniatis road-there is a sigh to the left "Lordos Properties", and turning in if you head down the road the plot will be the last one to your right! 


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