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Lania Residential Plots 9A

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Bedrooms: 0

Bathrooms: 0

Covered Area: 0 m2

Plot Area: 1020 m2


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    Lania Residential Plots 9A PROPERTY DESCRIPTION

    This plot is laid out over a sloping site, with some old stone walls to be found and very interesting landscaping possibilities for the sensitive owner and architect. The particular plot offers a mature landscape and possibilities to insert the buildings close to the existing trees and create an environment complete with landscape that would otherwise take years to do. Not the easiest of sites to develop, but very doable and the result can be unique. This site also offers a southern facing orientation on a sunny, well-lit slope. Being 20 minutes to downtown Limassol, and with a large number of developments happening along the LImassol-Platres highway, this is a location that should not be overlooked! The Heritage School, Alassa Dam, the Spyros Kyprianou Sporting Arena and other major facilities are 15 minutes away from the plots. 

    Set on the outskirts of Lania Village, along what is to become the scenic route between the ski resort of Platres and Limassol (due to the construction of a highway north of the village that will take away most of the traffic) this project of large plots on slopes overlooking the village and vineyards appeals to families who would like to enjoy nature on a daily basis, whilst 20 minutes from Limassol's coastal downtown, and some of the best schools and recreational facilities in between. The Heritage School, Alassa Dam, the Spyros Kyprianou Sporting Arena are 15 minutes away from the plots.  

    This traditional village is in the heart of the wine making area of Cyprus, and is home to some of the island’s better known families, who started out many years ago to seek their fortunes in the large towns and abroad. Some of the better known painters on the island also discovered this charming village twenty years ago and have since played an active part in the improvement of the natural and cultural environment of the village. The village is culturally quite active and hosts on a regular basis festivals, lectures and events for various causes - most of them worthy and the rest of them a lot of fun.  The local population and the village's character draw in enough visitors to make viable coffee shops, tavernas and restaurants, historic buildings around a lovely church square and several galleries in the village open to the public.


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    This property is VAT exempt for the purposes of purchasing property, as its planning permit application was lodged in prior to 1/4/2004.


    This property completed and is ready for delivery.


    Title deeds are in the final stages and information can be provided upon request.


    There is no mortgage or any other legal encumbrance on this property.  


    A reservation deposit is required but it is fully refundable.

    The purchase price agreed shall be settled on the date of transfer of the property to the name of the Purchaser.


    This plot can build a building 15 percent of its area-a 300m2 property on two equal stories, plus basement approximately 150m2 for a total of 450m2, leaving a garden/grounds of 1950m2 approximately.


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