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Artisan Resort, Cape Greco

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The Artisan Resort is an eco sensitive coastal development facing the sea, meticulously designed and executed, situated on the fringes of the partly submarine Cape Greco National Park and the Blue Flag Beach at Konnos!

Directly in front of The Artisan Resort is the Cape Greco coastline, a pristine Mediterranean landscape, inviting during the spring to autumn seasons, and great for outdoor hikes and nature trips during the winter. This  environmentally sensitive coastal area belongs to the Cape Greco National Park complex, a rugged landmass of dramatic features that has been sculpted by the cape's weather into an amazing number of bays, coves and projecting headlands, with a rich history dating back to neolithic times. The Park is laced with minute forms of nature, tiny survivors on rocky, dry grounds, tough small trees wedged in impossible positions and acres of pines above this coastline. The entry points to the sea are many, some do require an adventurous disposition.

The beach at Konnos, a Blue-Flag destination, is complete with proper facilities and its charming beach cafe-bar. Overlooking the action in the bay is "Cliffs", a great place for a drink and with a touch of intimacy and romance.  Other venues overlooking the Bay are "Spartiatis"-a clean local tavern liked by locals and visitors alike. The area's sole hotel-the Grecian Park-is a modern and relaxed five-star neighbor who has respected and enhanced the natural surroundings.

Ecological measures taken include the planting of local species, drip irrigation, the placement of pergolas and shading devices wherever appropriate, double shell walls and double ventilating roofs. Transparency to the breeze has been ensured by careful siting and strategically located openings, and ceiling fans abound as they are a healthier and cleaner alternative that thea standard air conditioning. The curtains are 100 percent natural fabric-hessian, and the kitchen appliances are Energy Class "A". We take regular readings of the energy consumption of each property and advise our owners to effect modifications. Green buildings take a whole new meaning at the Artisan Resort, where more than 1,500 plants have been planted in this 15-house gated Retreat. 

The living spaces of each of these individual houses are surrounded by thoughtfully designed gardens and open up to them in a generous manner. Start your day on your sunny breakfast terrace with an early or late breakfast, walk and swim just in front of the Artisan, or choose to read, talk and play under a shaded patio during the noon hours, stretch your body at the sunny spots of the garden, relax.. Some of the houses have a pool and barbeque which offer additional possibilities to be enjoyed with friends, neighbors, and family. A great feature is our common street and lush children park, secure and fun for all ages!

The low, romantic evening lights of the Artisan Resort give way to the beautiful Mediterranean evening sky, with some members of the Artisan community dining, sharing a glass of wine and music, and others coming back late from a day's journey-from a swim, a walk, a bicycle ride. There are plenty of reasons to rise next morning invigorated, and ready for more. 

For more information on the Artisan Resort at Cape Greco National Park please click here to visit the Architect's web site.

Artisan Resort, Cape Greco National Park Area

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